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definition. Anchor Tenant Lease means that certain lease by and between Borrower (or its predecessor in title), as landlord, and Anchor Tenant, as tenant, as the same may be amended, restated, renewed, substituted or replaced (but only to the extent permitted under this Agreement).

Common area. Premier position. Bid. Sublease. Anchor store.

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Djupgående förklaring av hur du skapar och lokaliserar ankare med hjälp av Azures spatiala ankare i Unity. Landlord Tenant Act – Tucson Praktisk Educational Framställning, Inc | Alla rättigheter förbehållna. Tucson Web Design av Anchor Wave. After P&S's anchor tenant, Scania, decided to end their rental agreement with P&S Niklas Andersson, Founder of Sizes, told Svenskbyggtiding in June 2018.

Carrying out fitting-out or refurbishment works for which the landlord has responsibility and is paying the tenant to undertake. Acting as anchor tenant. Undertaking to move a business to the new

EN > GA. These larger stores are termed anchor store or draw tenant. In physical configuration, anchor stores are normally located as far from each other as possible to maximize the amount of traffic from one anchor to another. [citation needed] Regional differences For example, if an anchor tenant sells a limited range of food, a restriction that prevents the landlord leasing to any other retailer selling food, regardless of whether that retailer can realistically be said to compete with the anchor tenant, may well be viewed as going further than necessary – and therefore potentially unenforceable under the Competition Act. Carrying out fitting-out or refurbishment works for which the landlord has responsibility and is paying the tenant to undertake.

Anchor tenant svenska

Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB (publ) sells a daily-goods store to the tenant EUR 175 000 000 ("EUR Obligationerna") på den svenska obligationsmarknaden. The properties are fully let with S Group as anchor tenant, average remaining 

Anchor tenant svenska

NYC’s tech sector has had an anchor tenant since the early 2000s in Google. 2021-01-28 Anchor tenant synonyms. Top synonyms for anchor tenant (other words for anchor tenant) are anchor store, key tenant and department store. Signature Mall gets new anchor tenant in fresh business model The store will be offering a wide range of in store options such as the deli, bakery and fruit and vegetable section on the 28,000 smaller tenants to locate proximate to a major anchor tenant. To date, no research has examined the effect that the loss of a major anchor tenant has on the rent rates of the remaining center tenants.

Anchor tenant svenska

Engelska, Svenska Kollokationer: the anchor [store, business, tenant], contained in the anchor text,  Total Bangun Persada Indonesia as a Main Contractor. Targeting the upper middle consumers, Central Park Mall presents Extraordinary Anchor Tenant in  Definition of tenant in the dictionary. Vodafone is obviously a very high-quality anchor tenant and we've got very high-quality станарка, stanarSerbo-Croatian; hyra, arrendator, arrendera, hyresgästSwedish; kir To secure (a vessel) with an anchor. b. To secure with a fastener or similar device : bolts anchoring the deck to the house. See Synonyms at fasten.
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Anchor tenant svenska

Att det dessutom är så att det inte finns någon enkel lättåtkomlig shoppingordbok på svenska Ankarhyresgäst Anchor tenant.

Bridge. The Cock and Anchor - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
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Oversættelse for 'tenant' i den gratis engelsk-dansk ordbog og mange andre danske oversættelser.

Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus Anchor Tenant means The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, a Delaware corporation, pursuant to the Anchor Tenant Lease. 2020-10-12 Upon qualification as an anchor tenant, the anchor tenant can stay for any period in the building and reassessment is only required if there is a change in its GFA take-up by more than 20% and/or change in use. Mode of Payment. The payment scheme for new assignment contracts involving third-party facility providers is based on upfront land premium. Anchor tenants used to be a department store, a hypermarket, or a major retail chain in consumer electronics. Nowadays, many department stores are struggling financially and hypermarkets and consumer electronics stores have also lost their strong anchor tenant position due to, for example, growing online sales and changing consumer preferences.

I den här snabb starten får du lära dig hur du skapar en Azure Active Directory-klient som används för att utveckla program som använder Microsoft Identity Platform för autentisering och auktorisering.

Svensk översättning av 'anchoring' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. In retail, an "anchor tenant", sometimes called an "anchor store", "draw tenant", or "key tenant", is a considerably larger tenant in a shopping mall, often a department store or retail chain.

New English-Irish Dictionary. Similar words: anchor leg · anchorite · anchorman · anchorwoman · council tenant · anchorage · covenant · sitting tenant.